Why should I use Pack and Herd Services?


We are professionals at what we do. We are very good at what we do. We have a passion for animals, and we treat every animal like it’s our own. We work around your schedule, and relieve stress in your life. All Pack and Herd Services members are able to spot common illnesses with pets, in case your pet becomes ill or injured in your absence. Pack and Herd Services can also do a variety of jobs from simple yard cleanup to more advanced behavioral modification techniques for your pet. Pack and Herd Services members can watch out for your pet and have professional recommendations for their well-being.

What’s the process to hire you guys?


It depends on the service(s) you require. If you want us to pet sit your animal, we must have an interview first to get to know each other and your animals. For any other services, give us a call, or shoot us an E-mail and we will set up an appointment. For new customers, we do ask for you to sign a one time contract before we do business. We discuss the contract when we come for a house visit.

What do you do on a visit?


We asked the owners to leave instructions for the pet sitter. We are able to feed, give them fresh water, dog walk, play, brush, clean the litter box, clean birdcage, give medications if needed… really anything you want us to do when you’re away. You can trust Pack and Herd Services with your home and pet while you are away.

Do you always visit at the time we asked for?


We visit your house at the time you scheduled for only. If you want to do additional visits, you must inform us to do so via email, phone call, text message.

If my pet has an “accident” do you clean it up?


Yes, we ask for the pet owner to supply the paper towels and cleaning products ahead of time. If this is a regular occurrence, we may do an additional visit and charge you for those visits. For every visit we do, we do a walk-through to check for accidents in the house. If there’s a part of the house where you wouldn’t want Pack and Herd Services members to go in, we ask for you to close that door so your pet does not have access to it as well.

What information do I need for the interview?


All we ask is for you to give us information about what you want done while you are away, where everything is, and the information of your pet’s vet. If there’s medication your pet needs, if there’s a special diet their on, how many times their feed a day, ect. We also need to know who has access to the house, so we know when to contact authorities if someone is in your house that we don’t know about. We will also ask for a tour of where everything is, which includes pet food, water ,pet bed, toys, pet medications, treats, ect.

What’s the process of leaving keys to access my property?


You give us the keys to your house before leaving, or you leave them in a location that is known by the pet sitter. We are bonded and insured so you can trust Pack and Herd Services. We give you your key back in person. There may be a drop off fee to cover gas if you arrive when the Pack and Herd Services member is not at your property.

Can I leave extra money just in case my animal needs to go to the vet, need to more food, get them treats ect…


We strongly recommend you do this, and inform Pack and Herd Services member where the money is. You must tell Pack and Herd Services the amount you are leaving, and we will get receipts to show that the amount of money that is missing went towards your animals needs.

You don’t have to leave money, but if your animal needs medical attention, you will have to reimburse Pack and Herd Services for the cost.

Do you pick up my dog’s waste when you’re walking?


Yes we do. To avoid an extra charge, please provide bags.

What type of animals do you care for?


We have experience with a variety of animals and know how to take care of them. If your animal has a history of biting, fighting, and/or attacking other animals or people, you must inform us. We don’t mind working with those kinds of cases, our trainer is very experienced, but we don’t want to set your animal up for failure. So please don’t hide information, it will not affect our business.

What hours do you provide services?


7 AM to 10 PM. We ask if you are looking for pet transportation or pooper scooper, it must be before 5 PM. We provide services on holidays but it costs an extra $10.

Can I be assured of the same animal sitter each time?


We try to keep the same sitters that you met during the interview, but if there’s an emergency with that Pack and Herd Services member, another member will take their place.

How long are your visits?


It depends heavily on the service. Most time intervals can be found on this website, on the service pages.

What experience do you have with pets?


All Pack and Herd members have years of experience working with a variety of animals. For specific details on our experience, check out our About Us page!

I’m leaving in two days and I don’t have time to meet one of your sitters. Will you take care of my pets without meeting them?


I’m sorry to say that we cannot pet sit without an interation if you’re a new customer. We must meet all pets before we can make sudden appointments like that. For returning customers, they are allowed to call for a sudden pet sitter, but they will be charged a fee if it is very short notice.

Can I have an every other day cat visit?


No. Cats must eat every day in order to remain in good health, so sitters must visit every day to ensure that your cat is eating. If they aren’t eating and there isn’t a sitter there daily to realize it, the cat may develop a major health crisis.

What happens in severe weather?


We will make it to your house no matter what the weather conditions is.

Can you let me know how my pet is doing while I’m away?


Yes, we are happy to keep you updated and let you know how they’re doing. We will also tell you if there’s any accidents or concerns while you’re away. If it’s a major concern we will call you immediately.

Do you charge a holiday fee?


Yes, services cost an extra $10 on holidays.

Are you insured and bonded?


Yes, we are insured under Pet Sitters Association LLC.

I don’t like contracts. Can we do business without it?


Unfortunately you do have to sign the contract before we can provide our services. We design our contracts to make sure that both the customer and Pack and Herd Services are protected. There is information in the contract that we need to discuss and that you need to recognize, like the fact that we have insurance. We are a business recognized by New York State as a LLC. We are professionals at what we do and we are a trusted company.

Do you transport horses?


No, we unfortunately do not have a trailer to transport horses.

I live in Manhattan, can I still acquire your services?


Pack and Herd Services typically only offer overnight stays and pet transport out of Manhattan, but if you’re interested in any of our other services, contact us anyways and we may be able to set something up.

How come behavior counseling  is so much more expensive than the other training services you offer?


Since behavioral issues in dogs are more risky and difficult for the trainer, the price increases. Even though our lead trainer is insured, we still have to sign a contract that protects both the customer and Pack and Herd Services.

Do you board pets?


I have never used an overnight pet sitter before, can you tell me a little bit about the service?


We offer overnight visits from 9 PM to 7 AM to ensure that your house and pets are being taken care of overnight. Your pet will be getting a lot of attention from our Pack and Herd Services member at night while you are away. This service is especially useful for puppies/kittens that are still in the process of potty training, and for older pets that may need reoccurring medication or just some extra TLC.

How is payment handled?


You can pay with cash, check, or credit card. Pack and Herd Services uses the app Square to accept credit card payments.

Will I receive a refund if I leave later than expected or return early?


No. Pack and Herd services schedules their business times around the times you paid for. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience.

What is your mailing address?


PO Box 38, East Quogue, NY 11942

What happens if I do not leave enough food for my animals?


$25 fee will be added plus the reimbursement for the food.

I have the dog training service question!


Then ask it!