Dog Training

Our lead dog trainer has had years of experience around all kinds of dogs and behaviors. We know how difficult it may be to encourage proper behavior in a dog when you don’t have prior experience with training. Pack and Herd Services can help you with any behavioral problem you may encounter. Just a note,

Pack and Herd Services gives you all the information you need to modify the behavior of your dog. We don’t just come in and ‘fix’ your dog. We work with you and your dog so that you can develop the skills to properly handle and work with your dog, even when our trainer is not present.

Dogs that are rescues receive 10% off of final payment of any training services (must provide paperwork). We are happy to offer the follow training services for your canine friend:

Dog Evaluations ($10):
Before a training session can be scheduled, our lead trainer must meet and do an evaluation on your dog. If you have a concern about your dog’s behavior, or just want some advice on how to prevent future behavioral problems, contact us to make an appointment today!

Basic Obedience ($50/hour or package of 3 for $130):
Basic obedience work consists of Sit, Down, Stay, Come, walking nicely on a leash, and learning manners (such as not jumping). Pack and Herd Services can help you with all of these behaviors to make your dog more obedient, so you can bring them anywhere you want without having to worry.

Puppy Training ($50/hour, or package of 3 for $130):
Need help with your puppy? Are they chewing everything, being reactive on leash, going to the bathroom in the house, and/or wary of strangers/other dogs? Any other behavior you don’t approve of? We can help. Contact us today!


CGC Preparation ($50/hour, or package of 3 for $130):
Have you ever heard of the Canine Good Citizen test? It is a series of 10 tests your dog must pass consecutively in order to become certified as a “canine good citizen”. Why would you need this certification? It looks good to landlords and house insurance companies because it proves that your dog is a good dog.

This is especially helpful for bully breeds, but any dog can get CGC certified and beefit from the training! We strongly recommend it! Our Lead Trainer is a CGC examiner, so you can schedule a test whenever you want with someone that your dog already knows! This is a more advanced class, so we recommend you schedule and master everything that’s labeled under basic obedience before attempting this certification.

DogTraining_Icon1Behavioral Counseling ($80/hour or package of 3 for $200):

     Are you experiencing a serious behavioral problem with your dog? Are they fearful and or aggressive towards people or a certain person, other dogs, too reactive on leash, or guarding things? If you are not comfortable with any behavior your dog is showing, Pack and Herd Services can help you. We can schedule a training session to help you through your animal’s behavioral problem. All trainers associated with Pack and Herd Services are insured under Pet Sitters Associates LLC.

Deaf Dog Training ($50/hour, or package of 3 for $130):
Do you have a deaf dog and don’t know how to communicate with them? Struggling and getting aggravated on how you can get your dog to understand what you want? Pack and Herd Services can provide techniques to help you! We are experienced in deaf dog training. Contact us today!

Group Classes ($250 for 6 week):     Coming Soon!

For more information and updates, please contact us or call us at

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