About Us

Joey Rosado, Lead Dog Trainer.

“I have been training dogs for the last 5 years, and I am currently working with the trainers at the Long Island Aquarium to further my training skills. I also have had two years of hands-on experience with horse handling and care. In addition, I have also been around cats my whole life and know how to take care of them, and stop multiple feline behavioral problems. I am a animal trainer that you can trust and rely on!”

Courtney Watson

“My name is Courtney Watson, and I am the head of the horse department at Pack and Herd Services. Since the age of five, horses have been a huge part of my life. I always managed to convince my parents to sign me up for lessons when I was younger, and I loved every second I could spend at the barn. Now that I am older, I am able to really pursue my passion and talent with horses. I rescued my own horse, Prince, after his racing career ended. I now am able to work with Prince, compete on my IHSA equestrian team, and offer my equine help through Pack and Herd Services. I am experienced in practically every aspect of horse care, from mucking to grooming, and I enjoy every minute I spend doing it. You can trust me to give your animals and your facility the best care possible!”

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